Victor Trumper, my brother

By John Fryer
Foreword by Rick McCosker OAM

Victor Trumper, my brother, takes the reader on a journey from country New South Wales to Surry Hills in inner Sydney to the battlefields of the Boer War and World War 1 and details the life and times of this great Australian cricketer. This factual novel about a true hero of Australian cricket is told through the eyes of his twin brother … a relationship that neither of them knew about until it was too late.

The author has interwoven the events in the decades either side of the Federation of the Australian States to immerse the reader in the conflicts which beset common folk, sportsmen, administrators, business entrepreneurs and governments. Throughout this sometimes grim period, cricket provided a pressure-relief valve for the public.

No-one attracted as much public attention and provided as much entertainment value as Victor Trumper. And yet, possibly no-one was more gentlemanly and humble than this elegant and graceful player. Victor had a vision to play the game of cricket his way, with a freedom of spirit, not as the others who saw his raw talent wanted him to play. He also campaigned strongly for the rights of workers, a stance which saw the birth of Rugby League but brought him into conflict with sports administrators.

Victor Trumper, my brother allows the reader to observe, first-hand the life, times and tragedies of one of Australia’s most beloved sports persons.

A4 format, 112 pages, 52,000 words and 167 photographs and other illustrations.

All proceeds to Hunter Taverners, a branch of Lord Taverners Australia, to be used for charity work to assist young people from disadvantaged situations overcome their difficulties.