The Lord’s Taverners Blind Cricket. National championships are now conducted annually and are held in an agreed centre around Australia.

Blind Cricket is played in essentially the same way as the conventional game of Cricket with the major exceptions being:

  • Audible ball – the ball rattles/rings when moving (note: ball is of similar size and weight to a conventional cricket ball).
  • A side is made up of four totally blind players (B1’s), three poor partially blind players (B2’s) and four partially sighted players (B3’s).
  • Each sight category has a 12th man (14 players in total, eleven players and three 12th men).
  • All bowling is underarm and the ball must bounce at least twice before reaching the batter. Before delivering the ball B1 players receive a direction call from the wicketkeeper to find the correct line to bowl. B1 players must bowl a minimum of 40 per cent of the overs in an innings
  • Totally blind players have a runner when batting and are credited with two runs for every run scored off the bat

In keeping with the Taverners’ creed to give the young and disadvantaged a sporting chance, the Newcastle branch has financially assisted a range of athletes since its inception.

Up until 2005 the awards were called Junior Taverners scholarships, exclusively awarded to cricketers. From 2006 these became the Keith Lewis Memorial Awards. Additional awards have also been initiated:

Indigenous Hunter Academy of Sport –(sponsored by Taverners Hunter)
Newcastle Lord’s Taverners
Athlete With a Disability


The Hunter Branch of Lord’s Taverners Australia welcomes applications for financial support from individuals, teams and organisations in our target areas for activities which deliver Branch objectives.

A brief history of the Hunter Branch:

  • 4 November 1992: Established as the Newcastle Branch.
  • 4 July 1994: Association Incorporated in NSW.
  • 6 December 2016: Expanded to become the Hunter Branch.
  • 2 March 2017, The Tavs Foundation: A Charity registered to issue tax deductable receipts.
  • Taverners Australia is the Official Cricket Charity of Cricket Australia.


The purpose and objectives of the Hunter Branch:

  • The mission for Hunter
  • Taverners is to give a sporting chance.
  • As a Not for Profit organisation, the Branch raises funds to:
  • Encourage and promote disadvantaged persons playing cricket and other sports; especially young people and people with a disability.
  • Support and promote the enjoyment of the companionship to be derived from the game of cricket and other sports.
  • Provide coaching and sporting facilities, including playing and practice facilities and equipment to improve access to cricket and sports.


Our target areas for support are:

  • People with an Intellectual Disability o People with a Physical Disability
  • Hearing Impaired o Vision Impaired o First Nations people
  • Increasing opportunities for girls and women
  • Remote geographic location
  • Financial hardship
  • Talent identification and encouragement

* Subject to complete application form being sent to, outcomes of Review Panel assessment and funds being available.

Guidelines for Applications

1. The applicant, or person applying on behalf of an athlete, team or organisation, is responsible for providing a complete and accurate application, using the Application Form on our website.

2. Applications are welcome from, or on behalf of, people selected on the basis of merit (personal performance) for a team and/or to participate in an event.

3. The Committee views favourably events, tournaments and games that are part of a recognised pathway in the relevant sport.

4. Provide a statement for how the Applicant fits with a Branch target area(s).

5. The Branch prioritises opportunities in Australia.

6. The Committee’s decision to grant financial support is final. Please provide adequate time to assess your application.

7. Grant recipients will provide to the Committee of Taverners Hunter:

  • a written report on outcomes from use of the funds
  • permission to use their name/image in marketing and reporting documents


2018Aaron FitzpatrickWill Fort 
2017Mitch LoleAbbey Taylor 
2016Toby GrayGlenn Winsor 
2015Kain AndersonJoshua ClaridgeNathan Hillier
2014Griffen LeaLachlan Maher 
2013Jasmin GoodeRhys HanlonLogan Johnson
2012Dion MarshJake MontgomeryTim Reis
2011Teagan KavanaghBeau McClintock 
2010Maisy GibsonJarrod Ninness 
2009Maisy GibsonJesse Major 
2008Andrew KealyPhoebe Rogers 
2007David MillerMorgan Wilczyski 
2006Josh GearyBrodie Neems 
2005Corey MurnainBrodie Neems 
2004Matthew FrithCorinne Hall 
2003Juliann CampbellChris Rendina 
2002Rebecca CallenScott Montgomery 
2009Tyson Jolly
2008Corey Wright
2007Corey Wright
2016Jordan BrownWilson McTaggartNed Twelvetrees
2014Luke Muddle  
2013Michael Richardson  
2012Tyla Binnie  
2010Emma Collard  
2009Belinda Winsor  
2007Tim Prescott  
2006Ben Larkin  
2019Isaac BarryEdan BrichtaNathan Hillier
2016Matt CameronScott Jones 
2014Simon Schofield  
2019Joshua SmithKatelyn Smith 
2017Andy BowenMatt Cameron 
2016Jordan BrownKeiran Corry 
2014Stacey Smith  
2013Reanna Payne  
2012Wayne Hurley  
2011Adam Vero  
2010Luke Kennedy  
2009Corey BullKieran Corry 
2007Sam Metcalfe  
2006Sam Metcalfe  
2005Samuel Larkings  

Hunter Taverners Junior Cricket Awards
Nominations are now open